Moneten für HOPE FOR HOPE

Unser Partnerprojekt in Mombasa baut ein Jugendzentrum und ist bald fertig. Was noch fehlt, sind 7500 Euro. Am Sonntag 29.3. sammeln wir deshalb im Kinogottesdienst für HOPE FOR HOPE. Natürlich kannst du auch etwas überweisen – über den Link (rot) findest du hin.

IMG_7019 (FILEminimizer)

Was die Jugendlichen aus dem sozialen Brennpunkt Likoni (Mombasa) davon haben? Hier ein paar Infos:

  • The hall will be used as multipurpose for all sorts of training like youth seminars
  • Music production unit
  • Will have a recording room at the youth center that will serve the youths
  • Video production unit
  • Will also have a room to run their projects
  • The football project
  • We have a sports room where the kids can operate from. Mike the trainer will also have an office
  • Gym
  • We plan to build up a local and simple gym where the youths can have an opportunity to work out.
  • Dance training
  • Theater and drama Art
  • Sunday church service. The hall will serve as a church on Sundays where also the h4h community can come together and worship.

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